Mountain hikes

Every room, every balcony at the Urschnerhof offers a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains: Bärenkopf, Stanserjoch, Dristenkopf, Sonnjoch, Rofan mountains ... and almost all can be climbed with or without the help of the mountain railways.

There are too many of them to present them all at this point. We have worked out a small selection for you:


Bärenbadalm (1,457 m) - Bärenkopf (1,991 m) - Weißenbachsattel (1,695 m)

With the Karwendelbergbahn to the Zwölferkopf and then to the Bärenbadalm. From there it goes up to the summit of the Bärenkopf. The descent can take place via the branching off path to the Weißenbachsattel. From there you can go back to Bärenbadalm or in the direction of Seespitze.
Hiking time by mountain railway: ca. 2.5 hours, moderate
Hiking time without mountain railway: ca. 4 hours, moderate


Pertisau - Feilalm (1,380 m)

From the toll station at the entrance to the Karwendel valley walk the toll road past the Pletzachalm in the direction of Gernalm. Turning left, through a forest path, you will reach Feilalm.
Hiking time: ca. 2 hours, easy

You can also walk from the toll station along the toll road towards Pletzachalm and after approx. 500 m turn left to the Feilalm.
Hiking time: ca. 1.5 hours, easy


Pertisau - Seebergspitze (2,085 m)

Behind the parking lot of the Achensee shipping, the forest path leads in many hairpin bends to the Hochried, a beautiful viewpoint. Next you go the sharply ascending south side of the Seebergspitze, where you then cross the mountain pine fields and cross the ridge to the Seebergspitze.
Hiking time: ca. 3 hours, moderate

From there you can go on to Seekarspitze and Seekaralm to Achenkirch. However, this climbing is recommended only for experienced mountain climbers.
Hiking time: ca. 5 hours, difficult


Gern Alm (1,172 m) - Plumssattel (1,669 m) - Plumsjochhütte (1,630 m)

From the Gern Alm you walk in serpentines on an ascending path to the Plumssattel and then on an easy path to the Plumsjochhütte.
Hiking time: ca. 1,5 hours, moderate